Andrew Wilkinson

In between Ventures

Serial Entrepreneur & Executive

Melbourne, Australia

Mentor Session/Room:

Session 1 Wed 6 May, 08:30-11:30


Session 2 Wed 6 May, 16:30-19:30


Session 3 Thu 7 May, 10:00-12:00

Room 2

Session 4 Thu 7 May, 14:00-16:00

Room 2

About Andrew:

Andrew is a passionate serial entrepreneur and leader with proven expertise driving business outcomes via product, strategy, technology, partnerships and acquisitions in start-ups, scale-ups and hyper growth enterprises. He has been accountable for technology and product teams of 3 - 45, P&L’s from $1m to $150m pa and high growth targets (25%-100%). He has co-founded four start-ups with two being successful, taking one start-ups from 0 to 75 people and 0 to $6m pa in 18 months and grew team size, capability, and revenue for REA business units by 4x. Andrew has worked in Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland and Malaysia. Active cyclist and father of three daughters under 14.

Areas of Expertise:

Entrepreneurship Innovation Product Management Strategy Technology

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