Lucas Gillard


Go To Market Manager

Melbourne, Australia

Mentor Session/Room:

Session 1 Wed 6 May, 08:30-11:30


Session 2 Wed 6 May, 16:30-19:30

Room 1

Session 3 Thu 7 May, 10:00-12:00


Session 4 Thu 7 May, 14:00-16:00

Room 2

About Lucas:

● CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION & VALUE PROPOSITION DEVELOPMENT: Using deep customer insights I have developed across 3 organisations and industries targeted value propositions for new and existing products and offers. Product design, marketing copy, creative and channel training/briefing were all driven by these value propositions. ● MARKETING STRATEGY & PLANNING: Rebuilt from scratch new planning processes at Bupa Australia, incorporating market sizing through a BCG matrix approach. This new process has now been utilised across marketing at Bupa for 2 annual planning cycles. ● IDEA GENERATION: Ready and enthusiastic innovator across the marketing mix, contributing new ideas across formal processes (marketing planning) and project work. ● PRODUCT MARKETING: End-to-end product marketing lead for a range of new products services and offers. Activities included defining the target market, I.T. requirements, developing Business Cases, defining user experience benchmarks, pre-launch testing, facilitating product training for sales teams and campaign supported launches. ● FINANCIAL/ ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Responsible for revenue & budget setting for business units, and Business case development for projects. This included predicting adoption curves inputting all variable costs, confirming NPV and ultimately senior management approval. ● OFFER DEVELOPMENT AND EXECUTION: Lead numerous end-to-end consumer pricing projects. ● CREATIVE THINKING: I am a published author, short story writer and playwright, who has had 2 plays performed live, one of which was awarded second place in the “Short and Sweet” theatre competition (in 2010)

Areas of Expertise:

Management Strategy Product Management

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