Animate Objects

San Diego, United States

AO develops revenue generating immersive experiences for destination venues and AR solutions to support the full product lifecycle of consumer and commercial products.

The problem we're solving:

Destination venues, event operators and consumer product companies have major difficulties measuring, controlling and optimizing customer delight, engagement and conversion.

Our solution:

ARGO - [ahr-goh] - An immersive infotainment system that sends consumer delight skyrocketing, promotes and facilitates physical and digital sales, and deepens business intelligence.
Our mobile and AR technology includes modular components for 3D guide maps, live info feeds, customizable avatars, augmented gameplay, ecommerce and merchandise, along with real-time analytics.

Our differentiator:

Our core development team are 10x "force multiplier" developers and creatives
Macro-to-Micro augmented reality (AR), gamification and location-based capabilities
Real-world satellite map imagery, terrain, and buildings
Unique avatar map exploration mechanic
Millions of local or worldwide Points of Interest (POIs)
Over 12 apps in Apple and Google app stores and on Steam
Founders previously created 2 multi-million dollar startups in toys and drones
Domain experts on most every aspect of the AR technology and marketplace

Biggest achievement:

Creating a multi-language immersive experience with Hennessy (LVMH) featuring world renowned film director Ridley Scott and working with Legoland on pilot with the ARGO platform.

Program themes:

Digital fitness Event promotion and delivery Fan Engagement Media & Sponsorship StadiumTech Ticketing

Team members:

Andrew Nguyen

Unity Developer

Chance Roth


Chris Garcia

3D artist and animator

Dana Witt

VP Business Development & Marketing

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