Mumbai, India

An AI-driven B2B2C product for travel companies to provide customized live event recommendations to their customers.

The problem we're solving:

People are looking for unique experiences when they travel. Live events are a great opportunity for unique and personal experiences.

However, a majority of travelers miss out on attending live events in their destination because they don’t know about them (and can’t plan accordingly) when booking their trip. This is the primary problem we are trying to solve.

On the other side, travel companies are looking for more ways to understand and engage with their customers. This is another opportunity that we want to target.

Our solution:

Our solution is an event recommendation engine for travel companies which provides customers with relevant, interesting events once they have made their flight / accommodation / package booking.

The engine, with its domain-augmented AI, takes the users travel details and other available information to provide its recommendation. By factoring in the user’s behavior, more specific recommendations can be provided.

Our differentiator:

We have deep domain knowledge having explored multiple business models in the live event space. This allows us to:

1. Curate events better

2. Develop rich relevant content

3. Leverage existing relationships in the event-travel ecosystem

Moreover, the Eventraveler website, with ~2,000 events across categories and locations, and ~1.5 Mn page views, provides us with organic user analytics that we use to fine-tune our event engine further.

Biggest achievement:

As a company for traveling to live events, we were the exclusive package partner, providing an end-to-end ticket-accommodation-local travel solution,
to four of Indiaʼs 10 most prestigious music festivals.

Program themes:

Event promotion and delivery Fan Engagement

Team members:

Navin Sharma


Sagarika Suthar

Marketing & Content

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