Chicago, United States

Driving digital transformation for innovative sports teams and brands

The problem we're solving:

Sports as an industry is rapidly changing. Yesterday's diehard fans are aging and today's fans are digital with a variety of entertainment options and sports may not be their #1 priority.

Sports teams and leagues, big or small, understand their fans who come to their stadium to watch games but struggle to identify their millions of high quality digital fan followers and convert them into consumers. These teams don’t have a handle on their fans’ digital experiences, and they’re missing out on significant sponsor revenue opportunities as a result.

Teams need to know and understand their fans better to improve revenue, Sponsors want more ROI for their money, and the fans clamor for connection.

Our solution:

Fanisko is a Fan engagement & analytics company driving digital transformation for sports
teams and brands.

Fanisko offers a B2B plug and play platform solution that helps sports organizations to
- Identify high value fans through data driven outreach campaigns
- Engage them wherever they are and whatever they use
- Retain them with personalized interactive digital experiences through Gamification,
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
- Monetize them through sponsor activation and commerce.

These are the 4 pillars of digital fan engagement.

Our differentiator:

Our competitors have taken a siloed and fragmented approach focusing on 1 or 2 elements of fan engagement. Fanisko offers a comprehensive 360 digital transformation connecting all the dots through advanced analytics to create new monetization strategies.

Think of our platform as a Wix or Squarespace to create digital fan experiences and sponsor activations. We give the self service power to digital and marketing groups without having to rely on technology developers. We have been enhancing our platform since 2016 thus creating a strong lead and it will take several years for our competitors to develop a similar technology.

Biggest achievement:

- Helped Chennai Super Kings (CSK), a professional sports team in India with 20M fan
followers, to successfully implement a Face Augmented Reality (AR) fan experience in 2
weeks time frame for their season. Included gamification elements (leaderboard, prizes
etc.) and a call to action from a sponsor’s standpoint (As a lead gen mechanism).

Program themes:

Event promotion and delivery Fan Engagement Media & Sponsorship

Team members:

Aravind Sampath


Prasanna Sugavanam


Sathish Chittibabu


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