Seattle, United States

FanWide provides fan engagement services, technology and data to help the world’s largest sports organizations connect with their remote fans of through virtual watch parties and in-person events at bars.

The problem we're solving:

There are billions of sports fans around the world who live in a different city from their favorite team. Many of these remote fans have formed fan communities which used to regularly meet at sports bars to watch their team play. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, these fans are no longer able to stay connected with each other and teams are struggling to provide meaning engagement opportunities. Sports organizations often lack consumer data about these supporters, yet they are often larger and even more valuable than their local fanbase, representing new monetization and sponsorship opportunities worldwide.

Our solution:

FanWide offers a free website which helps sports fans find an online community or local televised game at a nearby sports bar wherever they live or travel. Seattle-based FanWide was founded in 2016 and has created America’s largest sports watching network, promoting over 1.6 million events at 11,000 sports bars for 15,000 fan communities. We are taking our network of fan communities global with Virtual Watch Parties. This customizable video platform allows teams to host virtual watch parties, watch classic games together, chat with players / legends and collect data from thousands of fans who can simultaneous watch and interact with each other just like they would inside your stadium or a local bar (more info at FanWide Virtual Watch Parties also provide an additional sponsorship asset for targeted marketing to fans at these virtual events. FanWide also provides a tech platform for sports bars hosting fan communities which allows them to promote, manage and collect data from in-person game watch parties.

Our differentiator:

FanWide's leadership team includes software executives (Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Oracle), a Stanford Ph.D. data scientist, an MLB/NHL team executive and a hospitality entrepreneur and its advisory board includes sports industry influencers and famous athletes. FanWide differentiates itself by providing end-to-end services to connect and engage sports fans in every city, through both in-person and virtual events. While there are existing fan communities that use social networks like Facebook or Meetup to organize their events, FanWide provides its sports partners with a digital platform to expand their network, organize events, communicate with local fans, collect and report attendance data, enter contests, sell sponsorships and generate new revenue. All of FanWide’s services can be integrated within the team’s own website or app. Long-term FanWide wants to provide the world's leading platform to automatically connects fans of any interest group, including TV shows, gaming, politics, board games, trivia, cooking, crafting and more.

Biggest achievement:

The world’s leading sports properties use FanWide’s services and technology to manage their fan communities. FanWide is the Official Watch Party / Bar Partner of dozens of sports teams and fan communities from the LaLiga, NFL, NBA, Rugby League and others. By creating multi-city game watch parties online and at sports bars, FanWide helps sports organizations provide their remote fans with a gameday experience like they would get inside the stadium of their favorite team.

Program themes:

Fan Engagement Media & Sponsorship

Team members:

Rob Alvarado

VP of Business Development

Scott Johnson

VP of Sales

Symon Perriman

CEO & Founder

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