Floteq Technologies

Melbourne, Australia

IoT solution company delivering solutions in food and beverage space

The problem we're solving:

Reducing wastage and shrinkage, by roviding deep analysis on consumption, of tapped beverages across hospitality and entertainment venues. AI components allow for predictive maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure and consumption.

Our solution:

The solution is 3/4/5g wi-fi enabled controllers that provide all data from existing infrastructure. Real time reporting provides insights into brand integrity consumer behaviour and staff performance.

Our differentiator:

The existing solutions aren't real time and have only volumetric measurement that has to be manually recorded

Biggest achievement:

Installation of POC at Rockpool dining group and Sydney Cricket ground for a potential install monitoring over 1200 beer lines.

Program themes:

StadiumTech Ticketing

Team members:

Miles Lazic

Founder, General Sales Manager

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