London, United Kingdom

Globatalent is a sports platform where you can invest, trade and support your favourite clubs and sports idols. It’s like if you invest in the early age of Michael Jordan career, now you would be millionaire.

The problem we're solving:

In sport, top tier teams and players take the lion’s share of funding, sponsorships and investment.

As a result, smaller yet profitable clubs and athletes are being squeezed and talent lost.

Many fans want to support their team but there has been no easy way to connect with players or clubs or to monetise fan support.

Our solution:

A platform that allows fans to benefit from their passion by buying & selling rights in the careers of future sports stars, and using a digital visa with discounts and privileges. This makes fans the beneficiaries of a modern, stronger and more inclusive sports industry model.

Athletes and clubs list their assets on our platform
Fans support their favourite clubs and athletes by investing in them, receiving part of their future incomes (prizes, image rights, bonuses, etc.).- Fans can then buy and sell such assets on our exchange (P2P).

Our differentiator:

Founders with a a deep knowladge of the sport industry, as they worked in top positions at profesional basketball leagues, F1, TV sport rights, profesional and Olympic player, and sport retail.

We created an inclusive ecosystem where the fan is an integral part of the sports industry.

Biggest achievement:

Incredible market traction with a disruptive idea:
800 Clubs and Athletes applied to the platform
25000+ subscribers
Paying users

Program themes:

eSports Event promotion and delivery Fan Engagement Media & Sponsorship

Team members:

Ferran Martinez

CoFounder, Chief Sports Officer

Gaby Treiband

CoFounder, COO

Sunil Bhardwaj


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