Port Louis, Mauritius

IntelliCUP is a patented IOT based quick, cashless beverage dispensing system that reduces waste, increases profitability and provides unprecedented levels of merchant and consumer data and enables marketers to talk to customers at point of consumption - the Uber of beverage dispensing.

The problem we're solving:

Traditional draft beer serving has slow pouring speeds which dictate volume and create serving counter backlog, queues and crowding. It is staff intensive and costly. It's also a wasteful process for both product and cash (cash handling at point of sale and cash
loss). Environmentally unfriendly one-use plastic cups. Manual cash, glass / cup and product handling at point of dispensing.
Lacks the digital ability for real time on consumption customer communication and brand building / content dissemination.

Our solution:

IntelliCUP: increases pouring rates by 200% (payment and dispense in 15 second average). Reduces bar staff and increases profitability. The system is cashless and fully auditable. Hands free hygienic dispensing with self cleaning IntelliHead. (mitigates germ transfer = customer peace of mind). Unprecedented live first party vendor and customer data. Recyclable and reusable biodegradable cups.

Our differentiator:

IntelliCUP is a patented IOT based high speed, hygienic and cashless "perfect serve" dispensing system that significantly increases merchant profitability, enhances the customer experience and delivers unprecedented levels of merchant and customer data with the ability to talk to them at point of consumption whilst reducing the environmental impact. It is the only fully integrated system on the market offering cashless payment, cashless cup deposit, biodegradable and reusable cups and both merchant and customer live data services.

Biggest achievement:

Full operational system Patents. Granted in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Europe (including UK), Mexico, China and Hong Kong. Currently on the fast track in the USA, Brazil and India. Operating Licences signed in the UK, USA and South Africa.

Program themes:

Event promotion and delivery Fan Engagement Media & Sponsorship StadiumTech

Team members:

Brian Stockdale

Co Founder and Co CEO

Gary Harrod

Co Founder and Co CEO

Miguel de Andrade


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