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Melbourne, Australia

A bespoke Social Media platform that allows Major Content Providers to increase their audiences engagement and monetise their content.

The problem we're solving:

Major content providers (news, media, sporting and political organisations) are not able to fully monetise their content on existing social media platforms due to lack of data, user-focused algorithms and lack of control over digital advertising.

Our solution:

Our bespoke social media platform was created to cater to the needs of major content providers and delivers increased user engagement and never seen before capability to generate revenue from their content.

Our differentiator:

As our focus is on the needs of organisations as opposed to users our key differentiators are our focus on user engagement and our unique approach to generating this engagement. Our advertising model is also a key differentiator that will motivate Major Content providers to use our product over our competitors.

Biggest achievement:

In November 2018 we were introduced to a number of political parties and were able to secure expressions of interest for trail cases. The politicians we spoke to could understand the value derived from our product and we're excited to begin engaging with their constituents like never before. This provided us with firm proof of concept and was an overall success as it was evident that Politicians really wanted our product as Social Media was not providing for their specific needs.

Program themes:

Fan Engagement

Team members:

Alan Currie


Geza Szeredi

CoFounder & CFO

Giftson Selladurai

CoFounder & CTO

Niranjan Peter

Marketing and Product Manager

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