Melbourne, Australia

Finding the right Personal Trainer is hard. If you run or cycle or play netball you want a PT that understands your needs. If you're the coach of a netball or cricket team, you really want to understand what your athletes are doing in their other training sessions. If you're a PT you want more clients! LetsTrain.me solves all of these problems.

The problem we're solving:

The problem we have identified has been split into 4 core areas.

1. Clients find that identifying the right personal trainer for their needs is difficult. If you go to a PT and you run, or play team sports its really, really hard to find a PT who understands your needs - think running mechanics. As a user you typically can't see reviews and ratings to help you guide your thinking, making that selection much more difficult.

1. Trainers are not great sales people and finding new clients is difficult, this means that the average wage for a PT is low and retention rates are poor.

3. Activity tracking for both the client and the trainer is either expensive or cumbersome and because of this the majority of trainers use paper or excel. This is compounded with the fact that when a client trains on their own, or plays individual or team sports their training record is not updated.

4. Coaches for team sports or even external (non PT) coaches don't have access to their athletes fitness record. This means that when they are preparing training plans they're not working from a complete data set.

Our solution:

LetsTrain.me is a mobile/web based solution designed to solve a real world problem. We have focused on building something that utilises existing technologies seen in platforms such as Match.com (profile matching), Uber (ratings and review), airbnb (scheduling and payments) and Garmin (activity tracking).

Most current solutions, that solve some but not all of these problems, are focused solely on digital interaction. Our intention is to develop a real work sales model that augments these online interactions. The example would be to look at how GroupOn uses field sales agents to recruit and manage vendors in order to keep the offers flowing. We plan to do the same with the recruitment of PTs to the system.

Marketing and the recruitment of end users would initially be done through targeted 'out of home (OOH)' advertising (think billboards and guerrilla marketing), close to the point of use (gyms).

This focused marketing element is designed to push the end user to request the PT to use the system.

This pincer movement is designed to drive adoption within the PT community. We see this as a crucial first step in end user adoption. The second wave of OOH advertising will target new users in order to drive wider adoption of non PT using gym goers.

Our differentiator:

Current solutions typically focus on one element of our platform. We haven't been able to find anyone that solves the core problems we have identified.

As a unique selling point, in conjunction with solving the core problems, is the ability for the user to have Digital Lifetime Fitness Record (DLFR) that they can take from PT to PT, to their team coach or physio or even to be used as proof for their health insurer that they are fit and healthy (think about bring down insurance premiums!). We see they DLFR as analogous to your medical health record.

Examples of companies that solve some of these problems are;

PT Distinction. SaaS activity tracking for the online PT
MindBody. SaaS company that provides online scheduling for the wellness services industry.
Garmin. Hardware based fitness tracking company

Biggest achievement:

Watch this space.

Program themes:

Digital fitness

Team members:

Ben Shute

Head of Sales and joint Head of Product Development

Milan Panchmatia

CEO and Founder

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