Brisbane, Australia

A two-sided marketplace for rights holders and sponsors that saves valuable time and money by streamlining their sponsorships.

The problem we're solving:

From initial prospecting, to negotiation, to management, sponsorship can be an enormous and laborious activity and squeeze time and money out of both parties every step of the way. Rights holders often rely on sponsorship to thrive and sometimes just survive, yet their assets aren't accessible or transparent for brands to see.

Our solution:

SportsCube is a two-sided marketplace that makes sponsorship as easy as booking and managing an AirBnB. Rights holders simply list, sell and manage their assets, while sponsors prospect, customise and purchase.

Our differentiator:

Negotiation is a necessity for many sponsorships. From the terms of the contract, the tenure and the price of the agreement, elements are often altered to come to a happy arrangement for both parties. Our marketplace enables both rights holders and brands to negotiate and send new offers on the platform.

Biggest achievement:

Winners of HYPE Sports Innovation's Global Sports Tech Accelerator in 2019 and SportsTech representative of the 6th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China.

Program themes:

Media & Sponsorship

Team members:

Jackson Dickfos


Tim McMurray


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