Melbourne, Australia

AI powered fashion and product discovery.

The problem we're solving:

The modern consumer wants to be able to shop what they want, when they want, at the price they want, whilst being rewarded. There is currently both friction in the inspiration to the transaction process, and also fragmentation between the inspirational content, the retailer products the consumer wants, the transaction, and the rewards.

Our solution:

Trendii connects millions of products to images everywhere so consumers can shop at the point of inspiration, whenever they are inspired.
Trendii empowers consumers to discover products in inspirational content everywhere, shortening the product discovery process, whilst also giving rewards and cash-back for shopping connecting

Our differentiator:

Patent pending technology
First to market
First AI-powered product discovery platform which aggregates retailers into one visual search environment.

Biggest achievement:

$230 average order value and over 25% of shoppers have shopped more than once.
Signing 12-month agreements with Yahoo! and Urban List for distribution of Trendii to their audience on a revenue share basis.

Program themes:

Media & Sponsorship

Team members:

Aaron Woolf


Michael Leigh

Co-founder (Product & Design)

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